Giardiniera, Chicago’s favorite condiment

My name is Kelsey, and I have a confession: I am a junkie for giardiniera. As a Chicago native, I developed a foodie’s passion for Chicago’s must-eats early in lifeespecially for giardiniera.

We Chicagoans love food. We have one of the most diverse and innovative food scenes around; and Grant Park is home to the Taste of Chicago, the largest outdoor food festival in the country, which showcases some of the best joints for ribs, Italian beef and pizza in the city. Perhaps best known for the Chicago-style hot dog, our beef frankfurters are doused with condiments like mustard, pickles, peppers, relish, tomato and onions. With that many toppings, Chicagoans say the Chicago Dog is “dragged through the garden”but the king of the condiments? Giardiniera, which fittingly translates to “gardener” in Italian.

It’s my favorite toppinggiardiniera is a natural, garden-grown, specialty Italian-style condiment, a flavorful mixture of peppers combined with chopped carrots, cauliflowers, celery and gherkins marinated in soybean oil and spices. It’s the most versatile and flavorful addition to just about any food, from pasta to pizza to Italian beef, and you’ll find new uses for it every day.

I could eat giardiniera on absolutely anything, but when I moved across the country to Tempe, Arizona, for college, I realized giardiniera is hard to come by so far from home. Wanting to share my giardiniera obsession with fellow foodies across the country, I started Kelsey D’s in 2011. Kelsey D’s is committed to producing a top quality giardiniera, one that will bring the pop of Chicago flavors to whatever you make at home.

To secure a superior recipe, Kelsey D’s partnered with the best production factory based in Chicago, one known for producing giardiniera since 1898. Our joint venture was solidified simply due to the confidence Kelsey D’s has when we guarantee our giardiniera product will be made with the freshest and highest qualityand second to none in flavor.

I strive to provide you and your family with the absolute best product. We are proud of our giardiniera and look forward to sharing it with you.

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